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Majeeed – Cheers To Life (Video)


Cheers To Life (Video) by Majeeed

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Majeeed – Cheers To Life (Video)

Majeeed, an exceptional musician and prolific lyricist from Nigeria who is currently signed to Dream Empire Records, has released a brand new music video for his smashing single Cheers To Life.”


His most recent record is titled Cheers To Life EP,” from which the title track, Cheers To Life,” was taken.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hope I’m not talking too much
I know somewhere we can spend the night
Girl know I go know say we don high
Know go reason them Girl it’s our Time
And we don’t live twice
Skyhigh when I take Claro I Marmama Omo we no dae Hold Grudge for mind na Good Vibe
You know anyhow you see me na your Insight
I dae my own I no find Trouble
Cheers to Life
Cheers to Life
Cheers to Life
Cheers to life

Watch the video below:

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