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“The rate of infidelity among women in Abuja is alarming” Nigerian woman vents her suffering

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "The rate of infidelity among women in Abuja is alarming" Nigerian woman vents her suffering

Unidentified Nigerian lady expresses her irritation and worry over the prevalence of adultery among married women in Abuja.

She felt the need to vent her irritation, so she used her social media account to harshly criticize women who engaged in adultery.


She allegedly stated that she is perplexed by the idea of aspiration and encourages women to commit adultery since it is not respectable for women to exchange their wedded pride for money and pleasure.

She described it thus way:

“I really don’t understand what is going on in this Abuja. The trend of married women and men dating other people because of money. Where is the self-respect? I’d rather lull myself with work than take a man’s money.”

“And most of them have jobs and are earning decently. Like what exactly are you looking for?”