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“Taking a lady seriously won’t stop me from sleeping with other women” – Blaqbonez, a rapper from Nigeria

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "Taking a lady seriously won't stop me from sleeping with other women" - Blaqbonez, a rapper from Nigeria

Blabonez, a Nigerian Afrobeat rapper, reportedly insulted women’s status, causing internet commotion.

He said that taking one lady seriously doesn’t prevent him from having physical intimacy with other women in a recent podcast with Tea with Taymesan.

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He continued by saying that while he could fall in love and commit to one woman whom he had just intended to get along with amicably, he would never fail to experience the various endowments of numerous ladies.

Some Nigerian women who aggressively criticized him on his social media sites probably didn’t take this well.

watch the video here;