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Responses to the LP candidate’s convincing victory in Kura by a large margin

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Responses to the LP candidate's convincing victory in Kura by a large margin

When the Labour Party (LP) candidate, Donatus Mathew, was declared the victor of the Kaura Constituency, Kaduna in the Federal House of Representatives, positive mayhem has emerged.

The first LP candidate to gain a parliamentary seat in the 2023 Reps election is the icon known as Matthew, an Okada rider.

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The returning officer reports that Prof. Elijah Ella Matthew received 10,508 votes to overcome Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) competitor and incumbent member Hon. Gideon Lucas Gwani, who came in second with 10,297 votes.

Shortly after he was declared the poll’s victor, Matthew promised Nigerian people a constructive and progressive leadership.

According to reliable sources, the politician Gem turned into an Okada rider when his tenure as a councillor negatively impacted his financial situation.