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“My wife pretends to be sick anytime I ask for séx” Nigerian guy vents marital resentment

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "My wife pretends to be sick anytime I ask for séx" Nigerian guy vents marital resentment

A Nigerian man has expressed his discontent with his wife’s nasty personality, which prevents them from having intimate sex as a married couple.

He revealed this via his social media account, saying that whenever he asked his wife about having sex, she always used the excuse that she was unwell.


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He went on to express his disgust with such disposition and urged restraint and remedies from the general populace.

He stated:

“How can I deal with a wife who pretends to be sick whenever I ask for sex… I regret to be in such a marriage!!!” 

People who were worried about him swarmed his social media account and posted their opinions in accordance with their concerns.