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“”It’s pointless to ask a Lady her body counts”” – Joeboy, a singer from Nigeria

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! ""It's pointless to ask a Lady her body counts"" - Joeboy, a singer from Nigeria

Nigerian artist Joeboy has stated in the open that it is pointless to think about body numbers before to starting a relationship.

He revealed this information via his Twitter account, explaining that even while some people think body counts are important, it’s frequently impossible to ascertain a victim’s body count, even if they provide it.

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He revealed that women are very discreet and said that guys who constantly try to find out how many of their suitors have died are wasting their time. He then provided further, crucial evidence to support his assertion.

He stated:

“Asking for body count is pointless,if dem tell you sey na 3, how you go no sey no be 3 for, Dey play”