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“If you don’t support others forget about getting it back” Sabinus’s Response to Omah Lay’s support rant

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "If you don’t support others forget about getting it back" Sabinus's Response to Omah Lay's support rant

Veteran Nigerian comedic actor Mr Funny, also known as Sabinus, has responded to Omah Lay’s recent complaint and outburst among his coworkers over lack of support.

Remember that in the most recent saga, the singer of the song “Understand,” Omah Lay, bravely turned to Twitter to denounce the top figures in the Nigerian music industry for their lack of support for him ever since he rose to fame.

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He also made a point of elaborating on his statements by applying them to the criticism of his idols, whom he accused of failing to support him due of their fear.

He stated:

“Dem no dey gree support me because them dey fear haha! even my so-called biggest inspirations all of them join”  

Following the harsh tweet’s global success, Sabinus made the audacious decision to speak with Omah Lay. He claims to have taught the musician the importance of understanding that assistance in the Nigerian music industry is returned. He concluded by saying that one who opposes shouldn’t anticipate backing from the general population.

He stated:

Let everyone receive the same support they give out❤️ if you don’t support so forget getting it back💯💯❤️ 

Nigerians lost their composure and responded furiously across all social media channels.