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“A man has sinned against God when he impregnates his wife.” Nigerians respond to a bus preacher’s pledge

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "A man has sinned against God when he impregnates his wife." Nigerians respond to a bus preacher's pledge

After making an unexpected revelation and statement, an unidentified roadside preacher in Nigeria aroused responses and raised concerns.

The pastor was heard assertively saying in a viral video that a guy who impregnated his wife had done a serious sin.

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He said that both the guy and the lady participating in the act of sexual pleasure to give pregnancy had all sinned when the citizens arrested on the bus questioned his confidence.

Some passengers were heard at the incident informing him that if his parents had not been homosexual, he wouldn’t have been born.

Nigerians lost their composure and responded furiously across all social media channels.